Monday, April 27, 2009

Georgian on My Mind!

Barbara and I planned to visit the 2009 San Francisco Decorator’s Showcase as we always do. For designers, this is our “Super bowl” as it were, and is always a must! This year would be a little different. We had done the walk-through in January to see the house, and find out if there was a space that inspired us into action. Sadly, we decided this was not the year for us to participate, but couldn’t wait to see the ways that other designers had transformed the beautiful Georgian mansion which was built in 1910.

The official image for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase 2009. Illustration by Clay Seibert

This year instead of just visiting the house during touring hours, we decided that we would attend the Opening Night party. The event was absolutely beautiful, and I was amazed to see the house completely transformed. The first thing I noticed (and loved) was that there were more spaces with a clearly contemporary bent than most years. I was so happy to see an ultra modern kitchen in this Georgian jewel, which strikes me as a more European approach to design. I think overall this Showcase is one of the best (as a whole) that I can remember in recent history. I guess the economic climate had a positive effect in this particular instance.

A shot I took of the house opening day Saturday April 25, 2009

My plan when I went to the party was to snap loads of photos with my iPhone to use for a blog post, but I was so dazzled by the rooms, seeing friends, the food, and the lively atmosphere that it completely slipped my mind until I was on the sidewalk waiting for the valet to bring my car around.

We had planned to go again (yes again) the next day (Saturday), because Barbara’s cousin Wendy was coming to visit from England. Wendy is also a designer, so it was a must for her as well. Seeing the house in the morning with less people was quite a treat. I felt like I was able to pick up on loads of details that I didn’t see the night before. We were also able to talk to some of the designers that we had not previously met to get their insights on inspiration and the design process.

A vignette from "The Dweller's Lodge" by Darren Geise at Coup D'etat

I thought I would snap some pictures on my return, but it was made clear that photographs were not allowed. I did manage to snap a couple of shots in the lower level in a room done by Darren Geise of Coup D’etat entitled “Dweller’s Lodge” which was amazing in its content and execution. This was a tiny room with a grand personality. Rustic wood paneling (clearly custom made for the space) and beautiful (albeit masculine) furniture and paintings gave this room serious “wow” factor. The room even smelled amazing. Coup D’etat always seems to get it right!

A view into the room "A Dweller's Lodge" by Darren Geise at Coup D'etat

I am happy to report that the San Francisco design scene is alive and well and producing beautiful interiors. To all my design industry peers who participated….Well done!

This year’s San Francisco Decorator Showcase, which benefits University High School is at 2830 Pacific Avenue now through May 25th. Please visit:

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