Thursday, August 27, 2009

Remembering Julia My Way

I’m certain many of you have seen the recent release of Julie & Julia, an immensely entertaining and engaging film recounting the very amusing and real life tale of blogger “Julie” and the renowned life of the late, great Gourmand, Julia Child.

The movie poster for Julie & Julia
Reaching into the cobwebs of my mind, I can still recall the day in New York when I purchased my very own copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking and certain at that time, that in my role as “new bride”, I would prepare each and every recipe for my new and adoring husband. Alas, that dream did not come to did. Unfortunately for me, it was only too quickly I was immersed in schoolwork, salaried work, and too little time.

Mastering The Art Of French Cooking.
This past week I received a lovely gift from dear old Dad – a case of Frog Hollow peaches. He knows peaches are my undoing and I was thrilled beyond words to receive such a gift. Being unfamiliar with Frog Hollow I decided to investigate further, only to find that Julia Child was herself a follower and a great fan of the perfect peach. In fact, one of her dear friends had sent her a box of same for her birthday in 2004, sadly arriving just hours after her death. On the day that Julia’s friends and family immortalized her life, it is said that they incorporated the peaches into a terrific birthday cake.

The incomparable Julia Child.
Fast forward to August 13, 2009. It’s early Sunday morning, and as usual, I’m up early to run down the cold stone steps to grab the Times. Hours later, as I flipped through the Magazine section, there it was… a recipe for Brandied Peaches. This has to mean something.

I’m sure you can surmise the rest of the story. I can now state that I have “canned peaches”; and not easily I might add, but definitely enthusiastically. It was certainly more work that I had imagined, and messier too.
Brandied Peaches, my homage to Julia.
But now as I see these vessels of color sitting on the counter, I have a sense of accomplishment. Truth be told, I feel even better when I think about tasting them hot, poured over homemade vanilla bean ice cream on a cold winter night. I just know I’ll think of Julia.

Barbara Ashfield

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