Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Spark of Inspiration!

Recently we had the pleasure of having coffee with Scot Meacham Wood, one of our fellow local bloggers. We reminisced about our multiple sources of inspiration and what we get inspired about to write for our blog and in our design work. This prompted him to write about the sometimes elusive single inspiration photo, which can catapult one’s creativity into action.

After reading Scot’s piece we thought we would challenge ourselves to find a ”spark” photo of our own. Of course this is like asking a grandmother who is her favorite grandchild, but here are two that spoke to us with most immediacy:


The personification of quiet color...The incomperable John Stephanidis.

“John Stefanidis has been a basis for my inspiration since the early 90's when I first became enamored with his work. For me, he captures simple beauty, foreign intrigue and quiet color. I've cheated on him a couple of times, falling in design love with someone new and fresh, but I always return to John. He is my true north in interior design.”
Barbara Ashfield


Elegance with youth and relevance. A wonderful room by Vicente Wolf.

“I favor an aesthetic that has a sense of cleanliness and modernity. Besides this, what makes a room really special is that it respects and references the past. Vicente Wolf’s work speaks to me for this reason. He has an amazing use of color, and what I like about this room in particular is that he has the confidence to dispense with the window coverings and rug, something most designers rely upon as design elements.”
David Hansen

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