Friday, February 19, 2010

A Tribute to a Fiercely Talented Bloke!

Lee Alexander McQueen being interviewed by his mother Joyce from the Guardian UK.
Lee Alexander McQueen. The man encompassed all that I admire in design. He was British, talented (truly), prolific, creative, innovative, outrageous and clearly human.
The "Birth of Venus" dress from 2003 housed at the Met in New York.
Shoes from October 2009
As a fellow creative person it was shocking to hear of his untimely passing. I feel fortunate for this platform of a blog to help me process the shocking nature of a man gone way too quickly. He was a man in the prime of his career, and at the top of his professional game. Now all we have is the wonderful body of work he created. Love it or hate it, his work has brimmed with a spirit not seen previously. If you need convincing, look at his work in action here.
Pure beauty from Spring 2007.
A variation on the buttery theme dubbed "Hippy Chic".

Inspired by Harlequin Fall 2009.
Whenever I think of Mr. McQueen I can’t help but think of the iconic photo taken of him (and Isabella Blow) by visionary David LaChapelle early in his career. It gives a glimpse into the outrageous genius to come.
The iconic photo of Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow by David LaChapelle.

I have chosen to take this opportunity to present my own anthology (and personal favorites) of Mr. McQueen’s work. It is somewhat ironic that Barbara just recently used an image of his Butterfly hat in her post here which I would consider a favorite as well. Although I know that ”Lee” was so much more than his work, I hope that by looking at the work we can gain some insight into a person capable of such diverse beauty.
Mr. McQueen's "Skins" line for Samsonite.

A Union Jack evening bag with skull closure.

An ad campaign from Fall 2009.

My thoughts go out to members of his family, who have been hit doubly hard by the passing of his Mother the week before. Mr. McQueen, please rest in peace.

David Hansen


tartanscot said...

beautiful post. he will be SO missed.

Adeeni said...

I love how you described what made him Alexander McQueen great!

rosanne787 said...

I have just discovered your blog in my search for something about Alexander McQueen that showed his genius, his beauty and his vision...I am grateful for your beautiful tribute and I will continue to enjoy your blog..thankyou