Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Power Of 10

Sunday October 10th (10/10/10) is considered by numerologists to be one of the most advantageous daysin contemporary times, due to the fact that it only occurs every 1000 years. I’ve been hearing for weeks about weddings and special events being planned for this particular date by those who take great stock in the good portend certain numbers can offer.

10/10/10 was also dubbed a “Local Work Party” by as a time to promote “Green” activities, and generally raise awareness of reducing human’s carbon footprint. It is said that nearly 7000 activities happened worldwide as a result.

I was asked, along with some of my design peers to attend an open house on this most auspicious day. Thelocation was a “Green” home designed in collaboration with Sandra Slater (the homeowner and interior designer), Drew Maran (her life-partnerand the builder) and EHDD Architecture.

I must admit I had not read the invitation thoroughly and thought we would be visiting a newly completed project. The address of the home is 1001 Emerson in Palo Alto, whichseemed to fit in with the theme of 10-10. After arriving and speaking to the Homeowner, I realized this was a home that had been built ten years ago, and the open house was to celebrate the fact that this home’s program and design had actually translated into a house that was truly “Green”. The methodology of building and programming a “Green” home was more of a struggle ten years ago, and provided numerous challenges. Many of the obstacles the design team encountered have thankfully become part of the vernacular of residential building.

The home also shows the reward of using quality materials in construction, which is a “Green” quality unto itself. The home looked as though it had been built yesterday, and the effect is clearly lower maintenance costs over time.

I was grateful to have been included in this celebration of sustainability, and meet new connections in the industry. If you are interested in finding out more about this project visit the web sites of EHDD Architecture or Drew Maran Construction.

Special thanks goes to Lisa Boquerin.

David Hansen

Photos from top:

1) The front of 1001 Emerson from the street. Photo courtesy of EHDD Architecture.

2) The Designer and Homeowner Sandra Slater addressing the crowd. Photo by David Hansen.

3) Looking toward the entry way. Photo by David Hansen.

4) The front of 1001 Emerson approaching the entry. Photo courtesy of EHDD Architecture.

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