Sunday, February 13, 2011


Color makes a splash in our lives, be it subtle or smashing. Always has, always will.

With February now in full view my mind’s eye seems clouded in images of pinks. I have a lifetime of memories associated with pink, something like walking through the days of my life wearing rose colored glasses. Let me share my “pink” with you…
Pink was the color of my ballet slippers in Annabel’s dance class, and pink was peppermint ice cream from Edy’s.
Pink was the color of my bedroom growing up and the shade of my first lipstick when I turned 16.
Pink is the color of my favorite champagne, and flamingos in the Camargue.
Pink is the color of winter skies at dusk and new babies wrapped in white blankets.
Pink is the color of the roses on my birthday.

Pink is my favorite sandstone and the color of tourmalines from Brazil.
Pink is the filling of raspberry macaroons from Laduree and the color of my favorite lemonade.
What color is your month?
Barbara Ashfield

Photos from top:
A) Cherry Blossoms from
B) Vogue cover 1957 autumn fuschias
C) Pink butterflies from
D) Serendipity Chocolates tasting “Salon” by Ashfield Hansen Design Inc.
E) Guest room at the Cotswalds.
F) Grapefruit Anise Sorbet from Gourmet magazine.
G) Pink Sunset photo from
H) Pink Rose.
I) Farrow & Ball Lancaster Pink in Northhamptonshire Photo by Ivan Terestchenko.
J) Macaroons from Laduree from

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