Saturday, October 29, 2011

Where The Spirits Live!

The beautiful decay of abandoned buildings is what inspired me this Halloween. I was drawn to these amazing images that possess strength and fragility simultaneously.

These seemed like the places that Spirits might inhabit. Each location was clearly full of life at one time, but peaceful and seemingly forgotten now.

In my research I found there is a good part of the internet devoted to abandoned buildings, which tells me there must be lots of Spirits out there.

Happy Halloween!

David Hansen

Photo Credits from top:

1) Abandoned Church Photographer unknown from

2) Black & White Photograph © Brian Cooney

3) Stairwell photograph from The Kingston Lounge

4) Michigan Central Station © Joe Braun

5) Galway image © Mike Searle via Urban Ghosts

6) Photographer unknown from Positive Education blog

7) Photograph via The Kingston Lounge

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