Friday, February 3, 2012

Inscribed With Light

Ever since my post on Holiday Illumination (which can be found here), I’ve been obsessed with light and how it photographs. Imagine my joy when I learned about collaboration between two European artists that involves just that.

Tabarly-Nantes 2011

Julien Breton (aka Kaalam) is a French artist who is inspired by Calligraphy. He melds Arabic and Old English styles in light using long exposures to create focal points that are seemingly familiar. He collaborates with photographer David Gallard (aka Mr. Guep). Together they create landscapes that they have dubbed as “abstract Calligraphy” using unique light accents, which are unlike anything I’ve seen before.

Under The City-Nantes 2011

Intimite-Dampsmesil 2011

The Movement Abbaretz 2011

All hail the marriage of photography and light!
David Hansen

Top photo:
Aerial-Dampsmesil 2011
All photographs taken from Julien Breton’s artist site here.
Visit Kaalam’s Flickr page here.

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