Sunday, November 9, 2008

Viva Los Libros!

It has been hard getting back on the blogging horse, but we thought we would start out talking about a favorite to all designers, design books. I don’t know a designer out there who doesn’t love (or obsess about) design books. We thought we would take the next few posts to talk about some of our favorites and talk about some new discoveries.

David Hicks: Designer / Ashley Hicks 2003
I received this book as a Christmas gift last year and fell in love with David Hicks, and his aesthetic all over again.
The book has a forward by Tom Ford which gives some insight into Hicks’ influence.
Hicks was the master when it came to the marriage of traditional and modern English style. His interiors from the 60’s and 70’s convey what I have always thought about Interior Design, that there are no rules as long as rooms are done with taste and style. The rooms in the book look as fresh today as when they were done some decades ago.
A new generation of designers has become interested in David Hicks after seeing his daughter India (pictured in the book as a young girl) acting as the host of the Bravo TV network show Top Design.
This book is a must for anyone interested in the melding of traditional and contemporary design.
David Hansen

The book cover

One of the great interiors featured in the book