Sunday, October 14, 2012

Entrate! Italian Portal Inspiration: Part I

Inspiration can come from anywhere. In Italy, finding inspiration is clearly stacked in your favor! On my trip there this Spring I became obsessed doors and door hardware. The rich and aged embellishments offer visual exhilaration in spades. Here is the first part of what I saw that inspired me…

Carved door detail Parma:

Stone archway on display at the Sforza Castle in Milan:
Aged paint in Parma:
Door knocker with hand with laurel / lion motif in Parma:
A former Villa becomes a home for the Prefecture (Police) station in Parma:
Art Noveau lion motif in Parma:
Salvatore Ferragamo building in Florence:
Church door detail Florence:

More Italian portal inspiration to come!

David J. Hansen

Top photo: Porto Buenes Aires Milan

All photos by David J. Hansen for Ashfield Hansen Design 

* All photographs are copyright 2012 Ashfield Hansen Design and may not be used without express permission