Thursday, July 29, 2010

SUMMER LOVE Part III: Re-discovering An Old Friend

When I first moved to San Francisco in the 1980s, I had a dear friend who lived on an estate in the Napa Valley and I would go up to wine country as often as I could get there.

On my trips to Napa we would often sample the local eateries. I remember going to Tra Vigne (which literally translates to “amongst the vines”) over 20 years ago and loving it. Since that time the amount of choices for dining in wine country have become overwhelming, so Tra Vigne has faded into the background in favor of establishments not yet tried.

On a recent visit to Wine country I had the opportunity to eat there again and I have to say it was one of the most amazing meals I have ever had. We went for lunch and it couldn’t have been more perfect! The amazingly fresh food and the wonderful service were just what I remember. The cheese (mozzarella), the bread and the pasta were all made fresh on the premises and it was evident in the taste.

On your next trip to the Napa Valley, I encourage you to eat at Tra Vigne, especially if you haven’t eaten there before. The restaurant is located on Oak Avenue right on Highway 29 in St. Helena.

David Hansen

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SUMMER LOVE Part II: 50 Ways To See Desire

My dear friend, and former design school classmate Denny Holland is a very talented artist. He has a wonderful blog where he shares his art and glimpses into his life, which you can find here.
For the second year Denny is participating in a 50/50 show put on by the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, California. The concept is simple; Produce 50 artworks in 50 days based on a common theme. This year’s theme was “Objects Of Desire”. The subject matter of his paintings this year ranged from chocolate to guitars. He would post the artworks on his blog every day after completing them, and I must say I will miss seeing what object of desire the day holds.
The 50/50 show opens to ticketed previews starting on July 28th. Get more information about it here.

Please take a moment to take a look at this talented man’s work here.

David Hansen

Photos (from top):

1.Objects Of Desire Day 41: Money

2.Objects Of Desire Day 6: Home

3.Objects Of Desire Day 17: Guitar

SUMMER LOVE Part I: The Lady In Red

This is the first time in history that architect Jean Novel has built a structure in London. Mr. Novel was asked to design the Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington Gardens for the Serpentine Gallery.

Every summer for the past ten years the gallery constructs a pavilion under the direction of a widely recognized architect. Past and notable architects have included Frank Gehry (2008), Rem Koolhaus (2006) and Oscar Niemeyer (2003).

Mr. Novel has added a bit of passion to this year’s structure by creating a structure entirely in red. This passionate red makes a poetic and forceful statement in the context of the green of the surrounding gardens. What’s not to love?

The pavilion will be on display from July 10 through October 17, 2010. To learn more about the Serpentine pavilion go here.

David Hansen


Summer already has enough to love about it. . .longer days, sunshine, and blooming gardens come to mind. It’s hard to imagine any more to love, but this summer has presented the opportunity for new discovery. I’ve discovered some new diversions to be inspired by and fall in love with.

I’ve fallen in love with more than one thing, so I’ll take the next few days to revel in my new amusements.

Some are actually old friends, and some are new acquaintances. Let me take you on a journey of what I have fallen in love with this summer…

David Hansen

*Photo of Fornasetti fabric from

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All Things Cream

CREAM IS A SHADE OF WHITE, but it’smore than that. Just saying the word out loud evokes a softer image. CREAM sounds delicious, CREAM sounds luxurious, CREAM sounds heavenly, CREAM sounds royal, CREAM sounds elegant, CREAM sounds pure. Why is it that just thinking of a color can create images in our minds, awaken the senses, evoking feelings and even experiences.

Cream was a ROCK & ROLL BAND

Cream is the texture of WHITE BURLAP

Cream is the color of AN ELEPHANT’S TUSK

Cream is the scent of A GARDENIA

Cream is the image of AN ELEGANT BRIDE

Cream is the essence of a STRAND OF PEARLS

Cream is the feel of WHITE KIDD GLOVES

Cream is the feel of a PIANO KEY

Cream is the color of MY BERBER RUG

Cream is the color of A PARCHMENT SCROLL

Cream is the color of a COOKED NOODLE

Cream is the color of MY DRAFTING VELLUM

Cream is the color of RICE PAPER SCREENS

Cream is thecolor of a JOHN F. KENNEDY ROSE

Cream is the color of A WHITE DINNER JACKET


Cream is the color of a POLAR BEAR’s FUR

Cream is the color of CORN SILK ON SUGAR CORN

Cream is the color of LINEN SHEETS

Cream is the color of SHEEP’s WOOL

Cream is the color of QUEEN ANNE’s LACE

Cream is the color of an ERMINE STOLE

What does the color CREAM evoke in you?

Barbara Ashfield

Images (from top):

1) Cream image by James Paulgaard

2) Elephant photo from German Vogue

3) Gardenias with sole from

4) Wedding gown by Carolina Herrera

5) Herb Albert image from John Mariani

6) Sean Connery as James Bond

7) Polar Bear image from British Vogue

8) Queen Anne's Lace from