Sunday, February 13, 2011


Color makes a splash in our lives, be it subtle or smashing. Always has, always will.

With February now in full view my mind’s eye seems clouded in images of pinks. I have a lifetime of memories associated with pink, something like walking through the days of my life wearing rose colored glasses. Let me share my “pink” with you…
Pink was the color of my ballet slippers in Annabel’s dance class, and pink was peppermint ice cream from Edy’s.
Pink was the color of my bedroom growing up and the shade of my first lipstick when I turned 16.
Pink is the color of my favorite champagne, and flamingos in the Camargue.
Pink is the color of winter skies at dusk and new babies wrapped in white blankets.
Pink is the color of the roses on my birthday.

Pink is my favorite sandstone and the color of tourmalines from Brazil.
Pink is the filling of raspberry macaroons from Laduree and the color of my favorite lemonade.
What color is your month?
Barbara Ashfield

Photos from top:
A) Cherry Blossoms from
B) Vogue cover 1957 autumn fuschias
C) Pink butterflies from
D) Serendipity Chocolates tasting “Salon” by Ashfield Hansen Design Inc.
E) Guest room at the Cotswalds.
F) Grapefruit Anise Sorbet from Gourmet magazine.
G) Pink Sunset photo from
H) Pink Rose.
I) Farrow & Ball Lancaster Pink in Northhamptonshire Photo by Ivan Terestchenko.
J) Macaroons from Laduree from

Monday, February 7, 2011

A New Resource From an Old Friend!

Creativity Explored, our wonderful local art program has become like an old friend. My involvement with them has escalated to a position on their Board of Directors, of which I am honored to serve.For those of you who don't know about Creativity Explored, they are a local organization where people with developmental disabilities make, display and sell their art. I was even moved to write a blog post about them back in 2009 here.

In the past few years they have joined forces with the likes of Recchiuti Confections and the retailer CB2 (the off-shoot of Crate & Barrel) to use some of the artists works as powerful images on rugs, pillows and chocolates. This is all done through a licensing program, which has become an essential component of CE's art sales.

Another program which has gained momentum over time is CE's Art Services Program. This program allows clients to commission, rent, exhibit or consult about art from CE artists. This program, although available to anyone has been geared toward design professionals. There has been a significant interest in CE art by designers of commercial interiors, in fact our Board President Amy Eliot of Tom Eliot Fisch discovered CE through working on a project for her firm. My mission has been to bring the message of Creativity Explored's Art Services program to professionals working primarily on residential interiors. To that end, we have organized a reception for designers and architects on February 9th (this coming Wednesday) from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. If your in San Francisco, please come and experience this program first hand. More information can be found here.

David Hansen

Photos from top:

1) Artwork by Diane Scaccalosi in Avalon Mission Bay III lobby. 
Interior Design: Tom Eliot Fisch, Building Architect: Arquitectonica, Photography: Tom Seawell.

2) Lobby at Avalon Bay. Artwork by various artists. Interior Design: Tom Eliot Fisch. Photography: David Wakley.